Thread Gauge - Small Inch and Metric Sizes

Thread Gauge Mini - Inch and Metric Sizes

Small Nuts, Bolts & Screws Measuring & Identification Tool

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Thread gauges are used to identify size and thread pitch of nuts, bolts and screws. This gauge is specifically designed with small fasteners in mind, and contains inch sizes from #1-64 to #5-40 and metric sizes M1.2-0.25 to M3.5-0.35.

  • Inch and Metric Sizing - Small Thread Sizes
  • Solid steel thread checker on wire lanyard
  • Offers knobs and slots with permanent, easy to read size markings that won't peel off
  • Chemical resistant (tested and approved!)
  • Used to gauge standard fastener sizes from #1-64 through #5-40
  • Used to gauge Metric sizes M1.2-0.25 through M3.5-0.35
  • Screw a fastener into the slot to determine the thread pitch and diameter/size
  • Measure nuts and washers using the knob on the opposite end
  • Shatterproof, color coded polpropylene gauge dividers for recognition at a glance
  • Convenient design for easy storage and transportation

Includes Fine and Coarse threads

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