Clear Seal Butt Splice Connectors

Clear Seal Butt Splice Connectors

Used to Connect Wires | Strand and Solid

ClearSeal Butt Splice Connectors are used to connect two wires together via a crimped copper tubing. Butt splice connectors work with both strand and solid wire types and provide a strong hold on the wires. ClearSeal Butt Splice Connectors come in a variety of colors depending on the gauge of wire that fit into them.

  • Increased Clarity for Easy Visual Checks
  • Strong Abrasion Resistance
  • 30% Reduced Shrink Time
  • 33% More Tensile Strength
  • 50% Higher Dielectric Strength
  • Color Coded
  • Puncture Resistant

All electrical components and accessories from FTZ Industries are tested in house for UL, CSA and ANSI standards.

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