Drywall Hammer - 12oz.

12oz Drywall Hammer

Milled Face Hammer Designed Specifically for Plastering & Drywall Applications

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  • 1055 medium carbon steel head
  • Natural hickory handle for shock absorption and lightweight travel
  • Fully Polished & Sand Blasted Metallic Finish
  • Milled face
  • Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty

Professional quality 12 oz. drywall hammer featuring a natural hickory handle and fully polished 1055 medium carbon steel head. Drywall hammers are designed specifically for putting up or taking down drywall or gypsum board, featuring a hatchet-like design to cut through drywall to make room for things such as electrical connections and remove improperly driven nails. The milled face ensures a proper impact with the head of the nail creating a more accurately driven nail.

Drywall hammers are sometimes referred to as drywall axes due to their hatchet-like look. The crude cuts that can be made with a drywall axe are perfect for making room for outlets or other electrical boxes. These hammers can be found in different weights to reduce the effects of recoil during use.


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