Drop In Anchor Setting Tools

Drop In Anchor Setting Tools

Setting Tools For Proper Drop-In Anchor Installation

  • Drop-in anchor should be installed crimped side down into a pre-drilled hole
  • The setting tool is applied to the anchor after it is dropped into the hole
  • Struck with a hammer, the setting tool completes the expansion of the drop-in anchor
  • Once the setting tool's shoulder is flush with the top of the anchor it has completed expansion
  • Anchor setting tools come in zinc plated steel
  • Adds a layer of corrosion resistance to plain alloy steel

A Setting tool is an easy to use installation tool for drop-in anchors. *Note: All set tools have one standard installation peg, except for 3/8" which staggers out to the 3 levels.

Design of Drop-In Anchor setting tools vary depending on size.

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