Carrera Welding Helmet With 1000F Filter

Carrera Welding Helmet - 1000F

Sleek Design - Affordable Price

The Carrera welding helmet is designed for the occasional welder, and commonly seen in maintenance or general shop operations. This model of welding helmet features an auto darkening 1000F filter with a 6-inch viewing area.

The Carrera design also features the most skin options available for a cool and unique helmet that is both practical and fun.

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Filter Specifications:

  • Light State 4
  • Dark State 9-13
  • Sensitivity Variable
  • Grind Yes
  • Delay Variable
  • TIG Rating Amps 25
  • No. of Sensors 2
  • Regulation In
  • Viewing Area 6.0"
  • Inside Cover Plate 03-OP
  • Outside Cover Plate 04-OP
  • Replacement Headgear 04-HG
  • Center Section CAR-CS

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