C-Clamp Locking Pliers With SwivelPads

C-Clamp Locking Pliers With SwivelPads - 11"

Proferred Tools Locking Pliers - C-Clamp Style

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C clamp locking pliers with swivel pads are excellent tools for holding materials together for various purposes. Whether it's waiting for glue to dry or needing a second set of hands when working on a project alone, these c clamp locking pliers deliver powerful grip strength and hold. The swivel pads on the pads make grabbing materials at odd angles easy.

  • Constructed from high grade, chrome molybdenum steel, providing superior strength and durability
  • Harden teeth for griping power and longevity
  • Curved jaw design allows for a variety of material applications and shapes
  • Quick adjust and release
  • Nickle plated for maximum corrosion resistance

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