Blue Painters Tape

Blue Painters Tape

Multipurpose Tape For Clean Removal

Blue (Azul) Painters Tape applies to many applications, not just for making sharp paint lines. It's easy to use, removes cleanly with no residue, and does not damage the surface of applications.

  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Not meant for permanent use
  • Lacks the strong adhesive of other tapes
  • Create clean sharp lines while painting
  • Prevent screw heads from stripping when placed over a bit
  • Easy removal thanks to mild adhesion

Our selection of Blue Painter's Tape has a 0.13mm (5.1MIL) thickness.

Please note that Tape may be shipped as individual rolls or in a sleeve depending on quantity. For painter's tape, 6 quantity rolls of tape may be shipped in a plastic sleeve.

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Blue Painter's Tape - 1.41" x 60YD
SKU #7310-002-0002
Blue Painter's Tape - 1.41" x 60YD
SKU #7310-002-0002
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$41.10 (6.85/ea)
$221.04 (6.14/ea)
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