ArcOne Welding Helmet Inside and Outside Cover Plates

Welding Helmet Cover Plates

Filter Cover Plates for ArcOne Welding Helmets

Cover plates from ArcOne are designed to be lightweight, yet durable and stand up to the highest standards. All ArcOne welding helmets are engineered to work perfectly with an ArcOne cover plate. See below for style matchups:

Cover Plate Selector:

Filter Inside Cover Plate Outside Cover Plate
S240 03-OP 03-OP
T240 03-OP 03-OP
1000F 03-OP 04-OP
2500V 03-OP 04-OP
5000V 03-OP 06-OP2 / 09-OP-5
5500V 03-OP / 04-OP 06-OP-2
7000VX 10-IP-5 06-OP-2
7500VX 10-IP-5 06-OP2 / 09-OP-5
IDF81 08-IP 02-OP
X54V 08-IP 02-OP
X54VI 08-IP 02-OP
X540V 08-IP 02-OP
X81VX 04-IP 02-OP
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