Type 27 A24R 1/4" Grinding Wheels

Premium General Purpose Grinding Wheel

Type 27 Grinding Wheels for use with an Angle Grinder on Ferrous Metals

  • Aluminum oxide grain - uniform throughout wheel
  • Internally fiberglass reinforced
  • General Purpose Grinding - Designed for a 30 degree angle grinder and ferrous metals (iron, steel, welds, etc)
  • Available in 5/8"-11 hubbed and unhubbed options
  • Super-Lock™ Hub combines both a mechanical locking system and chemical bond providing one of the safest, vibration-free designs in the industry
  • 7/8" Arbor

The SAIT A24R Type 27 Grinding Wheel from United Abrasives is designed to be versatile and provide a premium, professional grade performance. This best-selling wheel features a virgin aluminum oxide grain for consistent high stock removal for tough applications. Additionally, all wheels feature a uniform grain throughout (without any filler used in the backing), and are reinforced with the highest quality fiberglass for unparalleled performance and safety.

Intended For Use With The Following Materials

  • Ferrous Metals - Iron, Steel, Welds, ETC.

A24R Type 27 Grinding Wheels SDS Sheet

Made in the USA

Size: Thickness: Max RPM:
4-1/2" x 1/4" x 7/8" Arbor 1/4 inch 13300
4-1/2" x 1/4" x 5/8"-11 Hubbed 1/4 inch 13300
6" x 1/4" x 7/8" Arbor 1/4 inch 10200
6" x 1/4" x 5/8"-11 Hubbed 1/4 inch 10200
7" x 1/4" x 5/8"-11 Hubbed 1/4 inch 8500
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