Star Drive 6 Lobe T Handle Screwdrivers T30 - T40 x 8" Length

T Handle Torx Screwdrivers

Drive x Length: T30-T40 x 8"

T30 - T40 x 8" Torx T-Handle Screwdrivers offer several benefits over a standard screwdriver for manual applications. These benefits come from the design of the handle itself. T Handle Torx Screwdrivers feature two drive ends, each varying in length, for maximum versatility.

  • Shorter end used in tighter spaces
  • Longer end creates greater torque with less manual effort
  • Results in the tighter application of an installed fastener
  • Spun more quickly than a traditional screwdriver
  • Feature a Torx 6 Lobe Drive End
  • Made of through-hardened, S2 modified steel for maximum durability
  • CNC machined for a precise fit in the fastener drive

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