Star Drive 6 Lobe Flag Handle Screwdrivers

Torx Flag Handle Screwdrivers

Precision 6 Lobe Torx Screwdrivers Engineered for Quick and easy Installations

Torx Flag handle screwdrivers are used to transfer as much torque as possible to small Torx screws. This makes installation and removal of small screws more controlled, easier physically, and faster than fumbling around with small parts.

  • Feature a textured top spinner knob for smooth and controlled installation
  • Grooves in the knob allow for better finger grip
  • Easier control
  • Transfers maximum torque with the least amount of effort
  • Made from Through Hardened S2 Modified Steel
  • Industry leading performance and durability
  • Sleek black manganese phosphate finish
  • CNC machined for a precise fit

Size Blade Length Flag Length OD
T6 35mm 20mm 2.5mm
T7 35mm 20mm 2.5mm
T8 35mm 20mm 2.5mm
T9 40mm 25mm 3.5mm
T10 40mm 25mm 3.5mm
T15 40mm 25mm 3.5mm
T20 40mm 25mm 4.0mm

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