5 Piece Stubby Bit Driver Set - Phillips, Slotted, Nut Driver

Interchangeable Bit Stubby Screwdriver

Multi-Bit Stubby Design Screwdriver

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SKU: 1050-006

5 in 1 Regular Bit Drive Set featuring Phillips, Slotted, and Nut bits. This driver has a TPV cushion handle providing resistance to slips from chemicals, oils and most solvents. Additionally, this driver set has a high torque coefficient to prevent the tool from breaking when over-stressed and a cellulose acetate finish for added durability. The "stubby" design makes this driver perfect for hard to reach places.

Bits Included:

  • Phillips: #1, #2
  • Slotted (Flat): 3/16", 1/4"
  • Nut Drivers: 1/4"
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