Plastic Compartment Box - 2 Pack

Plastic Compartment Box - 2 Pack

Custom Ready Compartment Tray For Small Parts & Fastener Assortments

SKU: 1060-102

Keep small parts organized with a customization-ready Plastic Compartment Boxes for fastener storage and sorting. Durable hard plastic build with locking latches to ensure an effective protection and sorting of small parts for shops and homes alike. Save time by knowing what you have, and where you have it at a glance.

Dimensions (each box):
11" (length) x 7.25"(width) x 1.75"(depth)

Features (each box):

  • 2 Pack
  • 6 rows
  • Removable Plastic Cards for custom compartment setup
  • 21 Adjustable compartments
  • Easy access, protection and storage
  • Durable hard plastic material
USA Made Product

Our Price: $17.84