Norseman Bolt, Pipe, Screw Extractor & Left Hand Drill Set - 10 Piece Set

Bolt and Screw Extractor Set - Norseman

Norseman 58510 - Viking SPRSQ3 - Fastenal 53490

SKU: 1050-344

Builders, mechanics, hobbyists...everyone needs a bolt extractor set! Made in the USA by Norseman CTD (Viking), this 10 Piece Bolt Extractor Left Hand Drill Set is high quality and convenient. Using the left hand drills often eliminates the need to use the extractor, but the screw extractor is included if needed. First, use the left hand drill to loosen the bolt stud while also drilling a hole to insert the extractor. The stud may loosen and be extracted with the left hand drill, if it is not, proceed to use the extractor to remove the stud. Packaged in a sturdy, heavy duty metal carrying case. Conveniently opens from the top of the case to present the bits standing vertically.

  • Black and Gold Oxide Finish on bits
  • Bolt and screw extractor set
  • Made for fast and easy removal of studs, bolts, etc.
  • Left-hand spiral drills often eliminate the need for use of extractor
  • Drill loosens bolt stud with counter clockwise rotation
  • 135 degree split point for fast penetration and accurate starting without center punch
  • Many broken studs are work hardened during the breaking process
  • USA Made

Included Extractors and Left Hand Drills
#1 3/32
#2 1/8
#3 3/16
#4 1/4
#5 5/16

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Printable Drill Bit Sizing Conversion Chart

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