Norseman Magnum Super Premium Jobber Length Drill Bits - Letter Sizes

Norseman Drill Bits - Letter Sizes

USA Made 190 AG Magnum Super Premium Jobber Length Drill Bits

Norseman Magnum Super Premium Drill Bits in letter sizes, are made of a special Hi-Molybdenum Tool Steel and feature a 135 degree split point for easy drilling.

  • No need for a starting center punch due to the split point
  • Accurate starting through sped up penetration
  • Entire bit is precision ground to ensure maximum accuracy and performance
  • Heat treated to be harder than standard high speed steel
  • Withstand higher drilling temperatures and still keep their sharpness
  • Gold surface treated for maximum lubricity
  • Recommended for use in hard metal drilling and with hardening grades of stainless steel
CAUTION: Any cutting tool may break or shatter. Safety glasses and equipment should be used at all times.

Letter Sizes in this selection range from A to Z in drill bit diameter.

Printable Drill Bit Sizing Conversion Chart

USA Made Drill Bits

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