Caution Tape (Non Adhesive)

Caution Tape

Barricade Tape with CAUTION on it for Physical Hazards

Caution Tape is used to warn passersby of an area that has possible hazards.

  • Can be found at renovation, demolition, and repair sites
  • Perfect for keeping a safe work environment by marking off hazardous areas
  • Non Adhesive and must be tied off or tied to something to mark the desired area
Caution Tape from Proferred/Albany County Fasteners is in high visibility Yellow and Black (yellow background, black text) with the word CAUTION repeated on the tape in capital, bold lettering.

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Please note: Tape may be shipped as individual rolls or in a sleeve depending on quantity. For caution tape, 2 quantity rolls of tape may be shipped in a plastic sleeve.

Trade Names: Barricade Tape, Construction Tape, Barrier Tape

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