Lock Washers A2 Stainless Steel

Metric Stainless Steel Split Ring Lock Washers

Medium Profile Split Ring Lock Washers - Metric Sizes

Split Ring Lock Washers, also referred to as Spring Lock Washers, are circular washers split at a certain point to create a helical shape.

  • Applies force between the head of a bolt or screw and the installation surface
  • Creates a resistance to rotation and prevents nuts, bolts and screws from vibrating loose
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Industry standard A2 Stainless steel
Actual measurements may vary slightly +/- depending on production run within IFI Tolerances

Sizes Inner Diameter Outer Diameter Thickness
M2 2.1M 4.4M 0.5M
M2.5 2.6M 5.1M 0.6M
M3 3.1M 6.2M 0.8M
M4 4.1M 7.6M 0.9M
M5 5.1M 9.2M 1.2M
M6 6.1M 11.8M 1.6M
M8 8.1M 14.8M 2.0M
M10 10.2M 18.1M 2.2M
M12 12.2M 24.1M 2.5M
M14 14.2M 25.1M 3.0M
M16 16.2M 27.4M 3.5M
M18 18.2M 29.4M 3.5M
M20 20.2M 33.6M 4.0M
M22 22.5M 35.9M 4.0M
M24 24.5M 40.0M 5.0M
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Stainless Steel
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