Norseman Hole Hog Core Drills Set - 8 Piece Black & Gold Set

Hole Hog Core Drills Set - Norseman-Viking

With Companion Pilot Drills - Black & Gold Oxide Coated - USA Made

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Norseman's Hole Hog Core Drills Set is built for superior drilling performance and comes with companion pilot drills for each corresponding core drill. Hole Hog core drills are used primarily to enlarge existing holes, but can also be used for cutting large diameter holes in thin materials.

  • Replace tapered reamers in many applications
  • Remove a significant amount of material
  • 4 Flute design of the Hole Hog eliminates catching and hogging-in experienced with standard drills
  • Recommended for use with work hardening grades of:
    • Stainless Steel
    • Alloy Steel
    • Other Hard Metal Applications
  • Smallest hole which may be enlarged by a Hole Hog is represented by the accompanying pilot drill

Hole Hog Core Drill Companion Pilot Drill
3/8" 1/4"
1/2" 5/16"
5/8" 25/64"
3/4" 15/32"

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