Norseman Carbide Hole Cutter Set - 4 Piece Carbide Tipped Set

Carbide Tipped Hole Cutter Set - Norseman

Built-in Pilot Drill and Ejector Spring - USA Made

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Norseman's Hole Cutter Set is built for superior drilling performance with its ultra hard tungsten carbide teeth and built-in pilot drill and ejector spring. Hole cutters are used to cut clean, perfectly round, holes in thin materials (up to 3/16" thick). The hole cutter design provides clean, crisp cuts without burrs and prevents over penetration. Cuts 3 times faster than bi-metal hole saws, producing overlapping and interrupted holes easily.

  • 4 Piece Hole Cutter Set
  • Includes 2 compatible Hex Allen Keys for pilot drill removal
  • Premium Tungsten Carbide Teeth and High Speed Steel Pilot Drill
  • Ultra Hard Tungsten Carbide Tipped Hole Cutters for Superior Cutting Performance
  • Three flats ground onto sides of shank to reduce the slippage of the hole cutter when used in drill chucks
  • Fastenal Part Number Equivalent: 3199695
  • USA Made

Includes the Following:
Hole Cutter Sizes

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