Flat Washers Zinc Plated Steel

Zinc Plated Metric Flat Washers

Round Washers in Zinc Plated Steel - Metric Sizes

A flat washer is a round outer diameter thin plate with a center hole (inner diameter) punched to the size of the bolt or screw size.

  • Distribute loads of threaded bolts, screws and nuts evenly as the fastener is tightened
  • Zinc plated steel adds a layer of corrosion resistance to plain alloy steel
  • Not recommended for harsh environments
Actual measurements may vary slightly +/- depending on production run within IFI Tolerances

Washer Sizes Inner Diameter (ID) Outer Diameter (OD) Thickness
M6 6.4M 12.0M 1.6M
M8 8.4M 16.0M 1.6M
M10 10.5M 20.0M 2.0M
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