Brass Threaded Rod - 6 Foot Lengths

6 Foot Brass Threaded Rod

6 Foot Fully Threaded Rod

6 Foot brass threaded rod is used to stabilize or hang structures often with the use of anchors.

  • Threaded all the way down
  • Chamfered at each end
  • Commonly used with channel or strut assemblies on projects
  • Corrosion resistant due to its tightly bonded molten zinc finish
  • Suitable for long lasting applications
  • Rust resistant
  • Perfect for plumbing or piping applications
  • Commonly used in carpentry because its color compliments wood nicely
Brass threaded rod in this selection is UNC Coarse threaded in 6 foot segments

Due to the extended dimensions of the required shipping containers, threaded rod is not eligible for Free or Expedited Shipping.

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