6 Piece Black TPV Handle Acetate Cushion Grip Screwdriver Set

6 Piece Color Screwdriver Set

TPV Handle | Acetate Cushion Grip

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SKU: 1060-116

The 6 Piece Black TPV Handle Actetate Cushion Grip Screwdriver Set takes everything that a normal screwdriver can do and does it better.

  • Handles made of a cellulose acetate material to provide the highest performance
  • TPV cushion around the handle provides a slip resistant gripping surface
  • Resistance to chemical, oil and most solvents
  • Treated drive tip to ensure the perfect fit
  • Size printed on the end of screwdriver handle for easy identification
  • Handles are color coded for visual identification between slotted and Phillips drives
    • Red for Slotted
    • Blue for Phillips
  • This screwdriver set includes the following six drivers:
    • Slotted: 3/16 x 3", 3/16" x 6", 1/4 x 4", 5/16" x 6"
    • Phillips: #1 x 3", #2 x 4"

Product Specifications
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