26-14 Control Cycle Mechanism Crimp Tool

26-14 Control Cycle Mechanism Crimp Tool

For Insulated Term

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The Controlled Cycle Crimp Tool is a tool designed specifically for Crimp N' Seal heat shrink terminals and splices (26-14AWG). This tool is designed to make crimping easier on your hands by doing the work for you. With cushion grips to limit hand strain and a compound action to increase the force applied with minimal effort, these crimpers are a great option when installing many terminals and splices. They also have a built-in ratcheting system to ensure the crimp is complete before releasing.

  • Provides a correct crimp every time
  • UL Listed & CSA Certified
  • Ratchet Mechanism to ensure a proper crimp each time
  • Compound Action for strong crimp force with minimal effort
  • Cushion grip handles to prevent strain on hands