19 Piece Impact Driver Set

19 Piece Impact Driver Set

With A Patented Spiral Shaft To Absorb Shock

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SKU: 1050-822

The 19 Piece Impactech Driver Bit Set is a professional quality set of impact driver bits made from S2 modified shock resistant steel. Each bit has a patented spiral shank to absorb impact and extend the bit life making them a durable solution for all work environments. These bits have CNC machined tips for an excellent fit in the fastener recess. Not only are these bits of durable quality, but they have also been tested to outperform other leading brands of the same category.

Item Piece Count Item Piece Count
Phillips #2 x 1" 8 Phillips #2 x 2" 1
Phillips #3 x 2" 2 Square #1 x 1" 1
Square #2 x 1" 2 Square #2 x 2" 1
Square #3 x 1" 1 Mag Bit Holder x 3" 1
1/4" Mag Nutsetter 1 5/16" Mag Nutsetter 1