#12 Pro-Z™ Stitch Hex Washer Cap Roofing Screw with Sharp Point - Black

#12-14 Pro-Z™ Stitch Hex Washer Cap Roofing Screw

Black Painted Sharp Point Screws with EPDM Bonded Washers

#12 Pro-Z™ Stitch Hex Washer Cap Metal Roofing Screws with Sharp Point and Black Painted Head - Ideal for Metal to Wood Applications

  • Black painted screw head and washer for an aesthetic finish
  • 5/16" hex washer head with zinc aluminum alloy cap for superior strength
  • Zinc aluminum alloy coating withstands tough installation conditions
  • Durable EPDM bonded washer ensures a tight, long-lasting weather seal
  • 1022 carbon steel construction with black coating for excellent corrosion resistance
  • Sharp self-piercing point allows fast, easy installation by reducing drilling effort

Pro-Z™ Zinc Plated Roofing Stitch Screws fasten metal to wood in applications. They also known as metal roofing stitch screws. These screws have a zinc alloy cap with a black painted head and washer, giving your metal roofing a nice finish.

The black painted zinc alloy cap provides superior corrosion resistance. The zinc coating ensures the screw's cap will never red rust, even in the toughest installation conditions.

The sharp self-piercing point makes installation quick and easy by minimizing the drilling force required. The durable EPDM bonded sealing washer ensures a complete weather-tight seal to prevent moisture intrusion. Choose our #12 Pro-Z™ stitch metal roofing screws with EPDM washers for strong fastening between metal and wood, with a polished black look.

Available Sizes:

  • #12 x 3/4"

Whether you're installing a new metal roof or repairing an existing metal panel, you can count on the holding power and corrosion resistance of #12 Pro-Z™ stitch screws. These premium metal to metal roofing screws provide a strong, dependable, and attractive fastening solution. The black painted stitch screws blend in beautifully with black and dark-colored metal roofing.

For the best results in metal roofing projects, use our #12 Pro-Z™ black painted hex washer head stitch screws. Designers created these screws for high quality metal to wood applications. The roofing screws have a durable zinc alloy head, a sharp tip, and a sealing washer. These features ensure a secure and weather-resistant connection between metal roof panels and wood.

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Pro-Z™ ZP Stitch Roofing Screw w/ SP - Black - #12-14 x 3/4"
SKU #1182-006-0002
Pro-Z™ ZP Stitch Roofing Screw w/ SP - Black - #12-14 x 3/4"
SKU #1182-006-0002
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Product Specifications
Drive Style
External Hex
Head Size
5/16 inch
Head Style
Hex Head
Carbon Steel
Point Type
Product Type
Roofing Screws
System of Measurement (Unit)
Thread Direction
Right Hand
Thread Type
Tolerance (IFI)
Actual measurements may vary slightly +/- depending on production run within IFI Tolerances
Wrench Size
1/2 inch