#12 Square Drive Truss Head Sheet Metal Screw 18-8 Stainless Steel

#12-11 Stainless Steel Square Drive Truss Head Sheet Metal Screws

Diameter - Thread Pitch: #12-11

  • #12-11
  • Sharp cutting threads that cut into material
  • Fully Threaded
  • This screw features an truss head
  • Over-sized and undercut head to prevent pull-though
  • 18-8 Stainless steel square drive truss head sheet metal screws are corrosion resistant
  • Suitable for fresh water moisture environments
  • Square Drive style used to reduce the chance of stripping when installed properly
  • Most commonly used for:
    • Sheet Metal
    • Wood
    • Plastic
  • Sizes listed below as: Diameter x Length

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Product Specifications
100 Rockwell B
Head Height
Max 0.511 - Min 0.487
18-8 Stainless Steel
Overall Head Height
Max 0.134 - Min 0.118
Point Type
Square Drive
Standards Met
ANSI B18.6.4
Tensile PSI
100,000 - 125,000 PSI
Thread Diameter
#12 (Max 0.221 - Min 0.215)
Thread Direction
Right Hand
Thread Pitch (Count)
11 Per Inch
Thread Standard
Thread Type
Tolerance (IFI)
Actual measurements may vary slightly +/- depending on production run within IFI Tolerances
Yield PSI
55,000 - 75,000 PSI
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