Vision Welding Helmet With IDF81 Filter

Vision Auto-Darkening Welding Helmets - IDF81 Filter

Premium Welding Helmets Designed for Maximum Versatility

The Vision auto-darkening welding helmet from ArcOne is the top-shelf welding helmet design incorporating modern features to improve functionality and ease of use. The Vision welding helmet is lightweight and offers full coverage with a sleek design. The large viewing area and premium filters make this style extremely versatile and easy to use. The Vision comes equipped with ComfaGear® headgear, an ultra-soft headband that follows the same angle as your forehead. Headband adjusts forward/back, up/down, and side-to-side for maximum comfort.

Welding helmets in this selection feature a IDF81 grind-safe, intelligent darkening filter with 12.6 inch viewing area. All Vision Auto-Darkening filters are ANSI and CSA approved.

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Filter Specifications:

  • Light State 3
  • Dark State 5-14
  • Digital Yes
  • Sensitivity Variable
  • Grind Yes
  • Delay 4 Settings
  • TIG Rating Amps 5
  • No. of Sensors 4
  • Regulation Out
  • Viewing Area 12.60"
  • Auto Variable Yes
  • Memory Yes
  • i-TIG Yes
  • Inside Cover Plate 08-IP
  • Outside Cover Plate 02-OP
  • Replacement Headgear 10-HG

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    Welding Helmet
    Standards Met
    ANSI and CSA