SR 500 PAPR Blower Respirator System (No Helmet)

SR 500 PAPR Blower Respirator System

Dual Filter PAPR System to Protect Against Particulates, Gases & Vapors

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The SR Series PAPR system protects agains particulates, gases and vapors and is designed to be lightweight, balanced and easy to maintain. The SR 500 is comprised of a dual filter fan blowing system with simple cartridges or filters that is worn around the waist and connected via a hose to a hood or helmet. It features high flow rates of 175LPM on standard operation and 225LPM on boosted operation. The on board rechargable lithium ion battery is designed to be long lasting and replaced easily. The SR 500 also offers a triple warning system that includes a visual warning, audio warning and vibration to keep you safe.

Typlical applications include agriculture, asbestos, mold & lead abatement, construction and building renovation, demolition, chemical industry, food & beverage processing, lead battery plants, medical & healthcare, metal work, welding, pharmecutical manufacturing, power plants, pulp & paper processing, recycling plants, smelting & foundries, surface preparation, painting, coating and more.

This kit includes:

  • SR 500 PAPR Blower
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Waist Belt
  • Air Hose