Long Nose Jaw Locking Pliers

Long Nose Jaw Locking Pliers - 9"

Proferred Tools Locking Pliers - Long Nosed Style

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Needle Nose Locking pliers, often called mole grips, vise grips, vice grips or needle nose vise-grips, are pliers that can lock into position. There is an adjustable knob on the bottom of these pliers to adjust the locking position so that it can fit to many different applications. Adjustable pliers have a lever action that means significantly more force can be applied than standard pliers. Once the pliers are locked in place there is a small lever that can be compressed to release the locking hold. The needle like jaws allow the user to grab onto finer objects for more tuned control.

  • Constructed from high grade, chrome molybdenum steel, providing superior strength and durability
  • Harden teeth for griping power and longevity
  • Curved jaw design allows for a variety of material applications and shapes
  • Quick adjust and release
  • Nickel plated for maximum corrosion resistance
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