Split Ring Lock Washers Aluminum

Aluminum Lock Washers

Medium Profile Split Ring Lock Washers

  • Used to prevent fasteners from loosening unintentionally
  • Split and bent to create a spring-like effect
  • Add extra pressure to fastener assembly resulting in higher resistance to rotation

Aluminum split ring washers are corrosion resistant, lightweight, and non-magnetic. Our aluminum washers are made of 2024-T4 Aluminum Alloy which is a high strength aluminum alloy with good fatigue resistance and strength-to-weight ratio. Note that, while aluminum 2024-T4 is resistant to atmospheric corrosion, it is not as corrosive resistant as stainless steel and is ill suited for marine enviroments.

Important: We recommend not mixing metals; aluminum fasteners should be used with aluminum fasteners. For more information, please read our article on the subject HERE.

Aluminum 2024-T4 Lock Washer Specifications
Washer Sizes ID OD Thickness
#6 0.141" 0.250" 0.031"
#8 0.168" 0.293" 0.040"
#10 0.194" 0.334" 0.047"
1/4" 0.255" 0.487" 0.062"
5/16" 0.314" 0.583" 0.078"
3/8" 0.382" 0.683" 0.094"
1/2" 0.509" 0.873" 0.125"
5/8" 0.636" 1.079" 0.156"
3/4" 0.763" 1.271" 0.188"
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