Hurricane Hardware Shutter Mounting Hanger Bolts with Washered Wing Nuts - 21 Pieces

Hurricane Hardware Shutter Mounting Kit with Hanger Bolts & Wing Nuts

Hurricane Hardware Hanger Bolts with Installation Bit and Washered Wing Nuts

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Kit Contents:

  • Hanger Bolts - Zinc Plated Steel 1/4"-20 x 3" - 10 pieces
  • Washered Wing Nuts - Die Cast Zamak Zinc 1/4"-20 - 10 pieces
  • Power Bit Hanger Bolt Driver 1/4"-20

This kit features 1/4"-20 hanger bolts with matching flanged wing nuts, commonly used for storm shutters, or to board up windows and doors during hurricanes or strong storms. Hanger Bolts feature a lag screw thread to install into wood, with an exterior machine screw thread to accept the fixture, followed by the wing nut to keep everything in place. This kit includes a 1/4"-20 power bit to make installing the hanger bolts a breeze.

Zinc plated hanger bolts are headless bolts with unified threading on one end and lag screw threading on the other. Hanger bolts are aptly named as they are used to hang things from wood. To install a hanger bolt, the lag side is screwed into a pilot hole. Then an object with a hole drilled is placed over the unified threaded portion and a washer and nut are fastened to hold the object in place.

The lag side of a hanger bolt is tapered to a blunt point. They are designed for hanging objects from wooden structures. Hanger bolts are commonly used for suspending electrical wire and sheet metal. They can also commonly be found for making invisible joints in furniture.

A Washer Base Zinc Wingnut features a wide diameter integral washer base with a recessed wing design. Flanged wingnuts are suitable for most standard wingnut applications, especially those where a washer would be used as this eliminates the need for the second part and speeds up the assembly process. Used with adjustment slots, oversized or offset holes, and soft surfaces such as wood or plastic, these nuts are highly popular in displays, furniture and storm windows.

Product Specifications