Collated Medium 16 Gauge Crown Staples - N Style 304 Stainless Steel

N-Style Collated Medium Crown Staples

Collated Crown Staples in 16 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel

Crown Staples are large, heavy duty staples for wood shake installation and general construction projects frequently involving bridging butted materials together.

Crown staples consist of a "crown," or the upper most portion that remains accross the surface of the work materials, and legs, which are the portions that actually penetrate the work materials to fasten them together. The larger surface area of the crown helps to better fasten thinner materials to a work piece than most other applicable fasteners.

"N"-style Medium Crown Collated Staples are available in 16 gauge 304 stainless steel and are compatible with most 16 Gauge Medium Crown N-Style staplers.

All Crown Staples come in BOX QUANTITIES

Products are listed as: Crown Size x Leg Length

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Product Specifications
Corrosion Resistant
304 Stainless Steel
Product Type
"N"-Style Medium Crown Staple
Tolerance (IFI)
Actual measurements may vary slightly +/- depending on production run within IFI Tolerances
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