ArcOne "The Fly" Safety Goggles

ArcOne "The Fly" Safety Goggles Product Video

The Fly Safety Goggles

Full Coverage Round Lens Safety Goggles

The Fly goggles by ArcOne are designed for style and safety! Each of the four color options features hard coated lenses with large, round viewing areas which give these goggles their name. The lightweight goggles also have side vents to prevent the lens from fogging up. The soft foam lining provides a snug, yet comfortable fit to help keep dust and particles out, making these goggles suitable for impact and particle protection.

All goggles from ArcOne meet ANSI Z87 safety standards and include a carrying pouch that doubles as a lens cleaner.

Note: The Fly goggles are not designed for splash protection, due to the fog preventing side vents.

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ArcOne "The Fly" Safety Goggles Product Video