Square Nuts Hot Dip Galvanized Grade 2

Hot Dip Galvanized Square Nuts

Four-Sided Square Nuts in Hot Dip Galvanized Steel

  • Four sided square nut
  • Greater resistance to loosening
  • More contact with surface of fastener
  • Less likely to lose their shape from constant loosening/tightening
  • Use with a flat washer to avoid damage from sharp edges
  • Square Nuts up to #10 are flat on both sides
  • 1/4" and up are beveled on one side
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized products should only be used with fasteners of the same material
  • Sizes listed below as: Internal Diameter - Thread Pitch
  • Due to the finishing process for Hot Dip Galvanized fasteners, it is recommended to only use Hot Dip Galvanized fasteners with Hot Dip Galvanized fasteners and not mix metals. This can create threading and durability issues.

Nut Size Width Across Flats Thickness
1/4"-20 Max 0.438-Min 0.423 Max 0.235-Min 0.203
5/16"-18 Max 0.562-Min 0.545 Max 0.283-Min 0.249
3/8"-16 Max 0.625-Min 0.607 Max 0.346- Min 0.310
7/16"-14 Max 0.750-Min 0.728 Max 0.394- Min 0.356
1/2"-13 Max 0.812-Min 0.788 Max 0.458-Min 0.418
5/8"-11 Max 1.000-Min 0.969 Max 0.569-Min 0.525
3/4"-10 Max 1.125-Min 1.088 Max 0.680-Min 0.632
7/8"-9 Max 1.312-Min 1.269 Max 0.792-Min 0.740
1"-8 Max 1.500-Min 1.450 Max 0.903-Min 0.847
1-1/8"-7 Max 1.688-Min 1.631 Max 1.030-Min 0.970
1-1/2"-6 Max 2.250- Min 2.175 Max 1.348-Min 1.276
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Product Specifications
Corrosion Resistant
Drive Style
External Square
Hot Dip Galvanized
Product Type
Square Nut
System of Measurement (Unit)
Thread Direction
Right Hand
Tolerance (IFI)
Actual measurements may vary slightly +/- depending on production run within IFI Tolerances