Spade Wood Drill Bits - 6 Piece Set (3/8" thru 1")

Spade Wood Drill Bits

H1-6 Piece Spade Wood Boring Drill Bit Set

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Spade Wood Drill Bits, also known as Wood boring Drill Bits or Paddle Bits, are used to bore holes into wood using the center point as a guide and the cutting wing tips to bore the hole into the wood. Spade Bits in this selection are cold forged and treated for the full length for hardness and rust resistance. They feature a machined cutting tip, with a 1/4" Hex Power Shank for use with handheld power drills. Each Spade Wood Bit is stamped with the size hole that it will bore, for easy identification.

Wood Boring Spade Bits are for use with:

  • Wood
  • Drywall
  • Plywood
  • Masonite
  • Plastic

Spade Wood Drill Bits
Bit Size Hex Shank Overall Length Hole Diameter
3/8" x 6" 1/4" 6" 3/8"
1/2" x 6" 1/4" 6" 1/2"
5/8" x 6" 1/4" 6" 5/8"
3/4" x 6" 1/4" 6" 3/4"
7/8" x 6" 1/4" 6" 7/8"
1" x 6" 1/4" 6" 1"

CAUTION: Any cutting tool may break or shatter. Safety glasses and equipment should be used at all times.

Printable Drill Bit Sizing Conversion Chart

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