Metric Hex Weld Nuts - 3 Projections With a Short Pilot

Metric Plain Steel 3 Projection Short Pilot Weld Nuts

Hex Weld Metric Nuts in Plain Steel with 3 Projections & Short Pilot

Metric Hex weld nuts are used for providing a threaded hole to materials too thin to tap as well as attaching a threaded hole to parts that can only be accessed from one side.

The 3 projections on weld nuts melt into the host material during welding for a quick and enduring hold while the short pilot helps to ensure a precise installation without slipping off the center during welding.

  • Hexagonal Shape for High Torque Resistance
  • 3 Projections for Quick, Strong Welds
  • Short Pilot for Precise Installation
  • Perfect for Restoration & Automotive Projects

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Plain Steel
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Hex Weld Nut
Thread Direction
Right Hand
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Actual measurements may vary slightly +/- depending on production run within IFI Tolerances
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