3/8" Headed Concrete Weld Studs Steel

3/8" Headed Concrete Anchor Welding Studs

Headed Weld Studs in Plain Steel with a 3/8" Diameter

Headed Concrete Studs, also called Anchors, are used for anchoring steel plates and other shapes into concrete. Each Stud comes with a Ferrule ceramic cap to reduce spatter and give the weld a finished look.

Weld Studs are installed using a drawn arc stud welding gun to create a permanent, high strength bond with an incredibly fast installation time while still being a strong, one-sided weld.

Welding Studs in this selection are unthreaded and each stud comes with a matching ferrule for installations on flat surfaces. All 3/8" Weld Studs in this selection have a Head Diameter of approx. 3/4" and Head Thickness of approx. 9/32" and are made of plain steel.

Weld Studs are Commonly Used In:

  • Buildings
  • Bridges
  • Power Distribution Equipment
  • Food Service
  • Vehicles
  • Ship Building
  • Military Applications
  • Embed Plates

Weld studs are listed as Diameter x Length (Including Head)

PLEASE NOTE: Lengths listed are BEFORE the weld. 3/8" Diameter Studs will be approx. 1/8" shorter after welding.

Additional Ferrule Cap Styles such as Inside angle, Outside angle, and Vertical are available upon request. Please call our office at 866-573-0445 for more details.

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Product Specifications
A29/A108, 1010-1020
Body Diameter
20% (in 2 inches)
Head Diameter
Head Height
Low Carbon Steel
Product Type
Headed Weld Studs
Tensile PSI
65,000 PSI min
Tolerance (IFI)
Actual measurements may vary slightly +/- depending on production run within IFI Tolerances
Yield PSI
51,000 PSI min.
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