Caged Retainer Weld Nuts in Plain Steel

Plain Steel Retainer Weld Nuts

Weld Nut with a Floating Cage Nut for Misaligned Holes

Retainer weld nuts, also known as bridge weld nuts or floating cage nuts, have a floating nut held within a "cage" or retainer to allow off-center or misaligned screws to be installed. The retainer itself is welded to a workpiece while the nut is allowed to float freely and help compensate for building inconsistencies.

These types of weld nuts are well suited to projects with hole misalignment and blind assembly. Floating Retainer Weld Nuts come in plain steel.

You can find these nuts used in many applications including:

  • Fork Lifts
  • Rail Cars
  • Ocean Containers
  • Automobiles
  • Furniture
  • Applicances
  • And Many More!

Retainer Weld Nuts sizes are displayed as the Thread Size (Diameter x Thread Pitch) for the Nut within the Retainer Cage

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NOTE: Measurements below are for the ENTIRE Retainer Assembly

Size Length Thickness Width
1/4" 1-3/4" 7/16" 9/16"
5/16" 2" 33/64" 25/32"
3/8" 2" 33/64" 25/32"
1/2" 2-1/4" 17/32" 15/16"
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Retainer Weld Nut
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Right Hand
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