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Anti Seize Solution 800 MRO Solution 800
Food Grade Anti-Seize Food Grade Anti Seize MRO Solution 1000
High Temperature Anti Seize MRO Solution 2000 High Temperature Anti Seize MRO Solution 2000 - 1lb
Norseman Ultra Cutting Tool Drill Bit Lubricant Marine Grade Anti Seize MRO Solution 2400
Norseman Ultra Super Premium Metal Cutting Drill Bit Lubricant
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Metal Free Anti Seize MRO Solution 2500 Metal Free Anti Seize MRO Solution 2500
Antiseize Compound 2500 Metal-Free Premium Nickel Anti Seize MRO Solution 2600
Premium Nickel Anti Seize MRO Solution 2600

Anti Seize Solutions

Prevent Galling of Stainless Steel and other Fasteners with a Job-Specific MRO Solution

Stainless Steel Fasteners locking up? It’s not the quality of the parts but the common problem of using stainless steel fasteners.

The beneficial nature of using stainless steel is that it is corrosion resistant. This property is due to the fact that stainless steel, among other alloys, generate a protective oxide surface film. Though this may be beneficial, it can sometimes lead to problems with installation.

Thread Galling occurs during fastener tightening and installation. When pressure builds between the contacting surfaces of the male and female threads, the protective oxides or coatings begin to shear, causing high points, or imperfections in the raw material of the two pieces to become locked together. The increase in friction causes the two parts to seize or “lock-up”. In serious cases, this difficultly understood problem is even referred to as “cold welding”, which illustrates the severity of the issue. Often, galling can cause damage to the thread of the fastener, but it can still be removed. In severe cases, the two materials completely weld together preventing loosening of the parts, and adding the difficult step of a forced removal and new parts to the process. The frustrating aspect of this is that both the nut and bolt can clear inspection individually, but fail to function effectively as a mechanical unit.

Reducing friction is the preemptive strike against this problem. That is why we recommend lubrication, and MRO Solutions offer a solution to this problem, as well as other benefits including corrosion and weather resistance. Galling can be a frustrating problem, but it can be prevented.