Torx® Security Screws - Star Drive Security Screws

Torx security screws are special fasteners that increase security and prevent unauthorized access. They also go by the names of star drive security screws or resistorx screws.

These screws are tamper-proof. Torx screws have a special design that requires a specific driver bit to install or remove them. This makes them difficult to tamper with.

At, we offer a wide selection of high-quality stainless steel torx security screws perfect for securing sensitive equipment or restricting access. Our star drive screws come in various head styles including pan head, button head, flat head, and more. We also carry self-tapping screws as well as machine screws in metric and imperial sizes.

Applications for Our Torx Tamper Proof Security Screws:

  • Securing electrical panels, alarm systems, safes, jewelry cases, bicycles
  • Preventing theft and vandalism of property, signs, bathroom partitions
  • Protecting covers, latches, and caps on machinery, appliances, electronics
  • Restricting access to sensitive equipment in government, healthcare, education, correctional facilities

Matched Torx Security Drivers Included with Bulk Orders

We understand the importance of having the specialized bit needed to drive these anti-theft fasteners. That's why we include a FREE matching torx security driver bit with all bulk orders of 25, 100, 250 or 1,000 packs! For smaller orders, we also sell pins, bits, and drivers separately in our security torx tooling section.

We make our screws from durable stainless steel to prevent corrosion. Stainless steel torx security screws deliver maximum torque transfer during installation along with outstanding shear and pull-out strength.

Order your tamper resistant torx fasteners from today to keep your property and equipment secure!

Star Tamper Proof Screw Driver (6 Lobe, Star Drive, with Pin)

Star with pin security drive can only be driven with security bits and are used to prevent tampering and theft. This variety of security screws features the 6 lobe, or Torx style with a central pin. The pin makes it harder for people to tamper with the original installation using screwdrivers or grabbing devices.

Torx Security Screws FAQ

What are the benefits of torx security screws?

The unique 6-lobe recess design allows for maximum torque transfer during installation. The center pin prevents standard drivers from removing them, making them extremely tamper proof.

What materials are your security screws made from?

We source our torx security screws from durable stainless steel to resist corrosion. We offer grades 18-8 and 316 stainless.

What head styles do you offer?

We stock torx security screws in popular head designs like pan, button, flat, hex washer, and more. Self-tapping and machine screws available.

Do I need a special tool to install them?

Yes, you'll need a matched torx security driver bit or keywrench. We include FREE security drivers with bulk screw orders. Drivers also sold separately.

Where are some common applications for your security screws?

This material is useful for protecting various items like electrical panels, alarms, signs, bathroom partitions, machinery guards, and electronics enclosures. You can also use it for covers, grates, and any other area where you want to prevent tampering.

Do you sell metric and imperial sized security screws?

Yes, we stock torx drive tamper proof fasteners in both metric and imperial sizes to suit your application.

How do I remove a torx security screw if I've lost the driver bit?

We don't recommend attempting to remove security screws without the proper matching torx driver bit. Damaging the screw's head will make it impossible to remove properly. Your best option is to contact us to purchase a replacement tamper proof torx security bit or tool. We have an extensive inventory of drivers and bits available for immediate shipment.