Steel Vision Auto Darkening Welding Mask Kit

Steel Vision Auto Darkening Welding Goggles Kit

Customizable 3 Piece Welding Mask Kit with Carry Bag

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SKU: 2090-118

  • Suitable for MIG / TIG / ARC / PLASMA OXY Cutting and Grinding applications
  • Photoelectric sensor technology combined with a high-quality LCD display for optimized view and protection
  • High speed switching time from light to dark (0.3ms)
  • Soft Silicone lined goggles for user comfort
  • Fits over prescription eye glasses
  • Detachable protective mask
  • Fire-Retardant hood with bump cap
  • A light-weight and well-balanced design with adjustable headband provides a comfortable fit for the operator
  • Ideal for confined space work / mobile welding
  • Custom Replacement Face Masks Available

The Steel Vision 32000 Auto Darkening Welding Mask Kit is a high tech, highly customizable and user-friendly alternative to the traditional welding helmet with custom features designed for versatility, mobility, and protection. The three-piece kit is centered around a pair of auto darkening welding goggles designed to give the operator an optimized view and effective protection from arc light, splash and harmful radiations of IR/UV. Additionally, these true color welding goggles fit comfortably over prescription eye glasses as a cost-effective solution to other goggles that require prescription viewports. The kit also includes a lightweight yet protective detachable grinding mask and flame-retardant hood for complete protection in welding and grinding applications.

Steel Vision 32000 Welding Mask Kit Cutsheet
Auto Filter Size: 7.70 in (L) x 3.75 in (W) x 3.50 in (H) Viewing Field: 4.80 in x 1.4 in
Shade Control Light States: DIN 4 Shade Control Dark States: DIN 5 – 9 / 9 – 13 Outside
Adjustable Switching Time: Light – Dark: 0.3ms Delay Time: Dark – Light: 0.1 – 0.8 sec
Sensitivity and Delay Time: Outside Adjustable Power Supply: 3V Lithium Battery (1 x CR2450, Replaceable)
Grinding Mode: Yes Grind Mode and LED Indicator: Yes
Arc Sensors: 4 Operating Temperature: -23° F to + 131° F
Storing Temperature: -4° F to + 131° F Other: Includes goggles, detachable mask, flame retardant hood with bump cap, and carry bag

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