SR 500 with SR 530 Hooded Top

SR 500 with SR 530 Hooded Top

For Sanding and Painting

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The SR500/530 kit comes with a hooded top and the SR500. The SR500 is a lightweight, well-balanced and easy to maintain respirator system that can protect against particles, gases and vapors. Whenever in situations where you may breathe in dangerous materials, a respirator is an excellent choice for ensuring clean purified air.

This kit also comes with the SR530, a mask that covers the neck, face, head and shoulders. This one size fits all mask has adjustable headband suspension and a neck seal offering a high degree of protection from toxic fumes. Great for sanding and painting, this mask is easy to clean and provides respiratory protection with an assigned protection factor (APF) of 25, according to OSHA 3352-02 2009.

The SR500/530 kit includes:

  • The SR 500
  • The SR 530 Hooded Top
  • A Polyurethane Hose

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