SR 500 with SR 584 and 5500V Welding Filter

SR 500 with SR 584 and 5500V Filter

With Multi-Functional Filter

Our Price: $1,822.16

SKU: 2090-002-010

The SR 500 / SR 584 Kit with 5500V filter is a great all-around mask for welding. The SR500 can block particles, gases and vapors that are considered harmful. This kit includes the passive filer for the SR 500. The SR 584 is a combination helmet including a loose fitting hard hat with visor and welding helmet. This kit comes with the 5500v filter. Which includes many functions to create an all-around better experience. It also comes with a handy duffle bag for storage and transportation.

5500V Filter Specs

  • Light State 4
  • Dark State 9-13
  • Digital Yes
  • Sensitivity 8 Settings
  • Grind Yes
  • Delay 8 Settings
  • TIG Rating Amps 5
  • No. of Sensors 2
  • Regulation In
  • Viewing Area 7.25"
  • Auto Variable No
  • Memory No
  • i-TIG No
  • Inside Cover Plate 03-OP
  • Outside Cover Plate 09-OP-5
  • Replacement Headgear 10-HG
  • Center Section 06-FH

Product Specifications