SR 500 with SR 580 Kit

SR 500 with SR 580 Grinding Kit

Excellent for Grinding

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SKU: 2090-002-006

The SR 500 / 580 kit is an excellent kit for grinding. The SR 500 respiratory system offers a clean air solution from gases, vapors and particles. While being a versatile and efficient respirator, the SR 500 is also well balanced and easy to adjust and maintain. The SR580 is a mask unit that combines with the SR 500 to protect the user from particles and fumes that may arise during grinding.

The SR580 comes with a loose-fitting hardhat to provide complete face head and respiratory protection. This mask is also designed to allow most pairs of earmuffs to fit over the top. With a wide face screen for visibility, this helmet can also be pushed off the face when not in use into an "over the head" position. The lenses of the visor is scratch resistant and durable but can be easily replaced in the result of damage.

This kit provides:

  • Limited eye protection (ANSI Z87.1-2010 protection)
  • Limited head protection (ANSI Z89.1-2009 Type 1 Class G)
  • Provides respiratory protection with an APF (Assigned Protection Factor) of 1,000, according to OSHA 3352-02 2009

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