SR 500 with SR 540 Grinding Visor Kit

SR 500 with SR 540 Grinding Visor Kit

For Grinding and Painting

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SKU: 2090-002-004

The SR500/540 kit comes with the SR 500 and the SR 540 grinding mask/visor. The SR 500 offers respiratory protection from gases, particles and vapors. With an easy to adjust and maintain unit, the SR 500 is a versatile and functional for many uses.

The SR540 mask is a unique face shield designed to have an enlarged field of vision. This makes it a great mask for grinding and painting. This mask can easily be flipped into an over the head position and is made to be extremely scratch resistant although it can also be easily replaced if damage does occur.

This mask includes:

  • Limited eye protection: ANSI Z87.1-2010
  • Respiratory protection with an Assigned Protection factor (APF) of 25, according to OSHA 3352-02 2009