Ipe Wood Master Plug Kit - 350 CT

Ipe Wood Master Plug Kit - 350 CT

All in One Decking Hardwood Plug Kit

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SKU: 6252-020

Smooth Hardwood Plugs and Just About Everything Needed to Install Them! The Master Plug Kit from Deckwise is the only one complete hardwood plug kit for face screwing in the market. From Screws to Glue, this hardwood plug kit has you covered. Hardwood Plug Deck Fastening helps to ensure a truly smooth, flat deck surface as well as creating a long lasting first class finish.

Each Master Hardwood Plug Kit includes:

  • 350 Wood Plugs
  • 350 Deck Screws
  • Drill and Drive 3 in 1 Installation Tool Bit Kit
  • Gorilla Glue

Proudly Made in the USA

USA Made

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