Cool Seal Butt Splice Connectors

Cool Seal Butt Splice Connectors

Used to Connect Wires | Strand and Solid

Cool Seal Butt Splice Connectors are a solderless and heatless connector used to connect two wires together with a crimped copper connector. These connectors save time and supplies by utlizing a crimping tool and built-in sealant to provide an environmentally sealed connection. Simply strip and crimp the wire.

  • 99.9% ETP Copper
  • Optimal electrical conductivity
  • Seals out moisture to prevent corrosion
  • Built-in adhesive to save time
  • Installs in a fraction of the time of soldering and heat shrink terminals

All electrical components and accessories from FTZ Industries are tested in house for UL, CSA and ANSI standards.

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