Eagle Welding Helmet With 7500VX Filter

Eagle Welding Helmet - 7500VX

Welding & Grinding Mask with Multi-Function Filter

The new and improved Eagle model welding helmet with state of the art comfort headgear from ArcOne features a flip-front visor for easy switching between a grinding shield and a 7500VX multi-function welding filter. Eagle welding helmets are designed for respiratory protection and standard welding eye protection with an extended 9.30 inch viewing area. The Eagle welding helmet is designed to meet the demands of heavy use welders.

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Filter Specifications:

  • Light State: 3
  • Dark State: 5-14
  • Digital: Yes
  • Sensitivity: 8 Settings
  • Grind: Yes
  • Delay: 8 Settings
  • TIG Rating Amps: <5
  • No. of Sensors: 2
  • Regulation In
  • Viewing Area: 9.30"
  • Auto Variable: No
  • Memory: No
  • i-TIG: No
  • Inside Cover Plate: 10-IP-5
  • Outside Cover Plate: 09-OP-5
  • Replacement Headgear: 10-HG
  • Visor Replacement: EA-CL-2

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