Fasteners Price Match

Direct Competitor Price Match

Here at Albany County Fasteners our goal is to get you the fasteners you need at the lowest price possible. Most of the time we are less expensive than our direct competitors, but as the saying goes: "nobody's perfect".

Our goal is to create the best fastener buying experience online, which is why we are now offering direct competitor price match services on fastener purchases. This means that if you find identical fasteners from a direct competitor of ours for a lower advertised price (before discounts), we will extend that offer to you in addition to our everyday low prices on other items you may be purchasing.

How it Works:
If you have found a legitimate listing from one of our direct competitors, please call customer service (866-573-0445) with a link to the listing on hand before placing your order. We will review the listing and if approved, we will take your order over the phone and honor the pricing for that item at the time of sale.


  • Direct Competitors - The reason we can offer low prices to begin with is that we are not a big box store. Direct competitors do not include Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, or other third party online marketplace listings. What constitutes a valid "Direct Competitor" is at the sole discretion of Albany County Fasteners Management and is limited to the online MRO and industrial supply sector. All competitor listings must be from currently active webpages on legitimate ecommerce websites, and pricing comparison must be before any available discounts / promotions / coupons are applied. We will not honor competitor pricing during promotional or timed events including sales and limited time offers. Printed advertisements are not valid for Price Match services.

  • Pricing adjustments can only be made by contacting customer service prior to placing your order. We cannot adjust prices for orders that have already been placed, an thus we are unable to offer the Competitor Price Match at any point other than the time of sale.

  • Price Matching Services are available on fasteners only, and only on listings for identical fasteners. Tools, Bits, and all other non-fastener items are not eligible for Competitor Price Matching.

  • Management reserves all rights.