ArcOne XT540 Xtended Technology Vertical Shade 10 Welding Filter

ArcOne XT540 Shade 10 Auto Darkening Welding Filter

5 x 4 TIG Rated Vertical Mount Welding Filter

Our Price: $120.93

SKU: 2090-186

  • ArcOne XT540 Xtended Technology Auto-Darkening Welding Filter
  • Vertical - 5" x 4"
  • Viewing Area: 20"
  • 2 independent sensors
  • Light State: 3
  • Dark State (Shade): 10.5
  • TIG Rating: 50 Amps

ArcOne XT540 Xtended Technology Auto-Darkening Filter 5-1/4-Inch x 4-1/2-Inch x .267 - Vertical utilizes the filter case to extend the auto-darkening filter's total viewing area to an incredible 20 square inches. That's 2-to-5 times more than other competitive products. With a unique patent pending process, the XT absorbs the harmful UV/IR rays like no other with up to shade 16 protection. A comfortable shade 10 in the dark state, and an incredibly clear light state of 2.5.

This filter is solar powered so there are never any batteries to change. The XT filter features two independent sensors and switching speed of 0.5 milliseconds. This filter is water and dust resistant and has a dark to light state delay of 0.2 seconds.